The beginning of a lifetime.

by Kevin Nelson
(Kansas City, Mo.)

This cruise was a wonderful experience for my wife, Rachelle Nelson, and I. The Lord and our music ministry as Sonshine Road is the most important things in our lives.

The cruise itself was a chance to meet Christian brothers and sisters from all over, to fellowship and to worship with them. Creating life-long bonds with like-minded people. But most importantly, to have the opportunity to invest in the future. The future of children who need help in making music possible.

We learned, we learned about troubled youth in Rockford, IL. We learned about ministry's from Nashville, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri......all over.

We got to see things in the Caribbean that we otherwise would have never seen. We got to see the Yucatan, Mayan ruins, a coral reef, from under water. But most importantly, we received blessings from so many wonderful people.

While walking in a crowd all we had to do is see a Jimmy Jack Foundation T-shirt and we knew we found family...even if we didn't yet know their names. The beginning of a lifetime, because we will be back, and we will keep coming back.

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