Meet Jimmy Jack Whitaker

Meet Jimmy Jack Whitaker and understand his driving emotion to help Kids musically

Jimmy Jack Whitaker is the Founder, President and CEO of the Jimmy Jack Foundation. It is a fully determined IRS 501 (c)(3) Organization and eligible to receive Tax Deductible Donations.

Jimmy Jack's reasons for starting this Foundation are very deep in his heart. When he was a child growing up in a small town, his mother provided the strength and encouragement to learn and accomplish several musical instruments. Over the years, this developed talent allowed Jimmy Jack to work and play with some incredible musicians. However, there was always something missing in his heart.

He saw so many kids that wanted to play a musical instrument, but didn't have the family support to allow it. They either didn't have the encouragement, the money for lessons or instruments. Honestly, it really didn't matter, these kids were from an Underprivileged and At-risk home. Music lessons and instruments were just not in their future.

The Jimmy Jack Foundation was created to allow Jimmy Jack to funnel donations back to these same kids that just need that little extra - to help them rise above their peers and follow in a great musicians footsteps.

Jimmy Jack was recently honored to be included in the Distinguished Oklahomans book, by Victoria Lee. What a great honor!

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