Our Kids all have a dream that we hope to help and fulfill as life progresses. These are just some kids who love music and their dreams.

Beautiful smiles!! This is what it is all about - providing musical dreams for kids!!

Allen Wooden (Owner of The Cowboy Opry in Comanche, OK), with Cody, and Cody's mother, DeeDee.

Cody is receiving a guitar and amp so he can be in a band.

Presented by the Jimmy Jack Foundation. 

Proud Grandma, Tonuia Anderson with her Grandson, Jeff, and his new mandolin

Donnie Nemmo with his Guitar and Amp

Donnie Nimmo - One cool dude!

Guitar and amp and his brother is going to teach him how to play guitar

Jimmy Jack Foundation donating flute to Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Coffelts' grand daughter Mia.

Pictured are Jimmy Jack Whitaker, Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Coffelt, Mia, and Todd Huckabay.

Jimmy Jack Foundation donating flute to Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Coffelts' grand daughter Mia.

This how it all starts - Mia is on her way!

Violin Recipient - AmaliaAmalia enjoying her donated Violin
Proud parents Carmello and Nilda with their smiling kids - enjoying their violinsCarmello-Melanie-Melinda-Amalia-Nilda all with beautiful smiles!
Amalia-Melanie-Jimmy Jack-Melinda with their new violinsAmalia-Melanie-Jimmy Jack-Melinda with their violins donated by the Jimmy Jack Foundation

Syndey's DreamSyndey's Dream
Lilly McQueenyLilly McQueeny
Dani CarsonDani Carson
Megan BrossMegan Bross

Special note from Dani Carson

Hi! My name is Dani Carson! I'm presently a Senior attending Fletcher High School. I've found my passion playing and singing music, and writing my own as well. But, of course, I do have another side of me! That other persona loves playing with and training my lab/collie/German Shepard mix pup Billie Jean, as well as riding horses and training my own as well! I love to draw, read, and expand my creativity and spiritual mind! I'm always ready and willing to help anyone and everyone in the best way possible! What better way to do it than with the talent the Lord blessed me with? I'm super excited to be a part of something so inspirational and heart warming, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!

"Sharing the gift and love of music through giving."

Jimmy Jack Whitaker is the founder, president and CEO of the Jimmy Jack Foundation, a fully-determined IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation eligible to receive tax deductible donations.

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