Friends Family and Business Directory

Our Friends, Family and Business Directory is a listing of donors who have contributed to our Foundation in the form of financial gift, donating instruments and/or musical equipment such as PA/sound systems, monitors, speakers, etc.  These names will also be listed in our annual magazine.

We are a charitable, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.  For donations, click "Here" 

Our Friends, Family and Business Directory

Cassidy Adams

Affinitee Graphics

Margaret & Wayne Ahrens

Deanna Allen

American Memorial Grave Markers & Caskets

Doug Anderson

Theresa Arnold

Connie & Eddie Baker

Judy Banks

David & Susan Bartlett

LuAnn Bean

Belfast Baptist Church

Roberta & Mark Berry

Ester Bolen

Charlene & Jon Bower

Donna Bradley

Branson's Center Stage Grille & Bar

James Britts

Claudia Brooks

Beverly Brown

Joshua Bucy

Lea & Dave Burgess

Diane Carroll

Danielle Carson

CD/DVD Duplication & Design

Lois Chalmers

Larry Chris

Country Music Gospel Association

Rodney Coyle

Center for Nonviolence & Conflict Resolution Group

Erin & Perley Curtis

Emily & Fred Davis

Beverly & Larry Dawson

Lora & Timothy Dawson

Midnight Dolan

Carole & Carl Douglas

Laura Dunham

William Ewan

Delinda Finn

Five Gates Church

Katherine Flaherty

Eric Frazier

Paulette & Leslie Funderberg

Martha Gamblin

Thomas Geiger

Thomas P. Geiger

Darcy Gibbins

Godfather's Pizza

Mary Goodwin

Dola Gregory

Crystal Grismer

John Grotjohn

Rev. Leonard Guptill

Donna & Billy Hale

Steven Hambley

Andrea Head

Tressa & Brian Healey

Heart of Truth Church

Heart to Heart

Connie Jo & Dwayne Henry

Joanne Henry

Dan Holiday

Cynthia Hollis

Holly Printing, Inc.

Deatra & Todd Huckabay

Loretta Hummel

James Iler

Charlotte & Joseph Inman

Cecil Jackson

Rose Jeffus

Lori & Gary Jennings

John W. Mercer Ins. Agency, Inc.

Sonia & Daniel Johnson

Denise Johnson

Edith & Glenn Jones

Rebekah Justice

Pamela Kegans

Kevin & Donna Kilmurray

Lizzie Koehler

Larry's Drum House

David Laurence

Jaidyn LeBorde

Tommie Lee

Andrea Letsinger

Liberty Transmission

Philip Liles

Rev. Ray & Mrs. Loftis

Barbara Ludewig

Betty Magee

Gilbert Magee

Majestic Outreach Ministries

Chuck Mantooth

Bernie Martin

Kathryn Martin

Laura & Joseph Mathy

Joshua Mays

Sharon & Jerry Mays

Robin & Nathan McCollough

Tatum McCollough

Emmanuel McConnaughay

Raymond McConnaughay

Shawn McConnaughay

Susan & Orlie McConnaughay

Andurea Melton

John Mercer

Merchant Bottom Line

Shirley Minnick

Dennis Moffet

Margaret Morey

Harla Moritz

Mark Moseley

Mountain View Church of God

Mt. Zion Walker Church


Stephen & Christie Mynatt

Rachelle & Kevin Nelson

Ann Newton

Randy Nicholson

Jack Nottle

Donald Offerosky

Mickie & Danny O'Neal

Aven & Timothy Paetkau

Vicki Paxton

Charles Pearce

Dennis Peaslee

Kenneth Perry

Connie & Fred Phillips

Jeneane Picard

Quilts & Sew Much More

Sheila Raeburn

Sandra & Bud Rawls

Red Garter Ladies Apparel, Inc.

Sherry & Barry Ricketts

Rebecca Riley

Debra Ritchey

Riverside Community Church

Audrey Robertson

Pamela & Donald Robinson

Rock House Kids

Roller Pro Recording Studio

Terry Roller

Jennifer Rollins

Ronnie Light Music

Phil Sampson

Martha & Bruno Samuel

Carol Sanguinette-How

Nilda & Carmelo Santiago

Mary Scandroli

Marilyn & Jon Schwartz

Cookie Shannon

Virginia & R.M. Sheesley

Sherry & William Simpson

Franklin Sissons

Nikki & Raymond Skaggs

Robert "Cooper" Smith

Christina & Sammy Snider

Snyder Band

Souljourn Entertainment Group

Sound Control Studio

Erick Speck

Marilyn & Jon Staver

John Sturdivant

Sunshine Road

The Coyote Store

Kaylee Thompson

Gloria & Al Tillman

Travel Inspirations

Dottie & Glenn Tubb

Patty Tucker

United Laboratories, Inc.

Peggy & Galen Van Deren

Beverly Varney

Reginald Vinson

Coella Walk

Watercolor Paintings by Dwayne

Westin Woodruff

Jacob Weyers

Gloria Wheeler

Jimmy Jack Whitaker

Nichole Winters

Kevin Wright

Robert Lee Wright

Marceda & Gary Wyman

Jennifer & David Young

"Sharing the gift and love of music through giving."

Jimmy Jack Whitaker is the founder, president and CEO of the Jimmy Jack Foundation, a fully-determined IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation eligible to receive tax deductible donations.

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