Dani Carson - JJF Artist of the Year - 2017

Dani Carson is inspiring lots of different kids musical dreams with her rise in the music world. As you'll read in her short note below, she loves music, songwriting and especially life!

Special Note from Dani Carson

Hi! My name is Dani Carson! I'm presently a Senior attending Fletcher High School. I've found my passion playing and singing music, and writing my own as well. But, of course, I do have another side of me! That other persona loves playing with and training my lab/collie/German Shepard mix pup Billie Jean, as well as riding horses and training my own as well! I love to draw, read, and expand my creativity and spiritual mind! I'm always ready and willing to help anyone and everyone in the best way possible! What better way to do it than with the talent the Lord blessed me with? I'm super excited to be a part of something so inspirational and heart warming, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!

Written by Dani Carson in 2015  

Dani's singing and songwriting career took off in 2016. With the help of Jimmy Jack, she put out her first song and video ~ "You Will Fly". The introduction Dani provides on this video shows how much she has grown by sharing with us her early days as a foster child. Since then, she has won several awards - CASA Youth Ambition Award and the very prestigious 2016 Video of the Year by the United States Gospel Entertainers and Musicians Association!

Dani can be seen and heard performing many weekends either with Jimmy Jack at a fundraiser for kids nearby, or on her own stage somewhere near Cameron University, where she is a college student.

Really exciting news - Danielle Carson is singing our Theme Song for the Jimmy Jack Foundation. We'll have a downloadable link shortly so you can listen to it.

We recorded the musical tracks at Junction Studio in Nashville, TN and then brought in Danielle to The Souljourn Recording Studio in Oklahoma!

Just Beautiful Music ~

Dani Carson HS Graduation
Danielle Carson and Engineer Jay Alexander recording at Souljourn Recording Studio - new Theme song for Jimmy Jack Whitaker Foundation
Jimmy, Jim Frable and John Sturdivant laying down musical tracks for Danielle Carson song at John's Junction Studio, Nashville, TN

Wonderful article about Dani Carson in the Cameron University Fall 2017 Issue

"Sharing the gift and love of music through giving."

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