Cruise 2018

A personal note from Jimmy Jack Whitaker to everyone that made the Jimmy Jack Foundation 2nd Annual Cruise a huge success.

As most of you know, I was really sick beginning the second day of the Cruise and did not know how sick i was until i went to the hospital. Thank you and Bless each one of you for your prayers. I would especially like to thank a few people, who I believe, saved my life, as well as saving the great shows we were so blessed with.

       Darcy stuck by me like glue from the beginning when I became ill. Todd and Deatra shared their room the first night. Galen and Peggy shared their room the next 2 nights and had me rolling with laughter while I was in such pain. Doug slept on the floor for 2 nights and gave me his bed when I was at my worst. Dave, what can I say, you proved yourself to me and everyone should thank you for being a Great soundman. Thank you Danny for everything. You were remarkable. If I left anyone out, thank you.

       After the Cruise, I have to thank Nathan and Robin for taking me straight to the hospital. I spent 6 days on their couch and I really thought I was going to die. BUT ROBIN WOULDN'T LET ME DIE. Then, thru the ice and snow, here comes Phillip and Todd and Deatra again to the rescue, to get me back to Snyder. A 19 hour round trip. Charlene and Mary had my bed fixed and Doctors Charlene and Deatra force fed me food and medicine until I got back on my feet. Phillip got me back to the hospital where they said I was going to live but would be sick for a while.

        I know this is long, but I really don't believe I would be here today if it had not been for each of you. You are more than friends, you are truly Jimmy Jack Foundation Family and I love you all for being there for me. Again, I want to thank EVERYONE for your prayers and GOD bless you all.

I am 1 or 2 months behind but I will be working hard to get caught up. I have a lot of people helping, but that's another story.

Galen - Jimmy Jack - Darcy - comparing early morning hairdos - Galen Won!!

Special guest on the Jimmy Jack Foundation Cruise II, Hall of Famer Rockin' Reggie Vinson and his wife Kat. What an honor. Rockin' Reggie has Platinum albums with Alice Cooper, John Lennon, among many others.
Joshua Bucy and Dani Carson with Rockin' Reggie and Heart To Heart after final concert
Special guest, Vicki Sue Paxton, widow of the great Gary S. Paxton, speaking encouragement to the crowd. Gary was a multiple Grammy and Dove Award winner. Monster Mash, Alley Oop, He Was There All The Time, and many more.
Sonshine Road
Some of the fantastic CGMA Members
Bob - Beverly - Dietra - Doug - Lizzie
Kevin Nelson, Joe Inman, Charlotte Inman, Rachelle Nelson, and Rev, showing off the Ship.
Special guest, Grammy nominee, Heart To Heart, Sharon introducing Elvis Messley.
Dave Lawrence
Doug Anderson

Our Cruise 2018 shows lots of pictures, audios, videos and lots of fun we all had on our 2018 Cruise for Kids. As soon as we get info from Jimmy, we'll be posting - he's been really sick with the flu!

Here are 2 great interviews for your listening pleasure by Joe Inman from Branson Gospel Radio. He is having a great conversation with Dani Carson and another with Jimmy Jack and Danny O'Neal:

Dani Carson Audio

Jimmy Jack Moment with Danny O'Neal

Joshua Bucy
Gill & Jimmy
Joe Inman - Radio Man
Nikki - Shirley - Bev
Tom Geiger

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