Board of Directors

Meet our Board of Directors for the Jimmy Jack Foundation.

The Jimmy Jack Foundation Board of Directors exists to cast vision and make key decisions regarding the Jimmy Jack Foundation organization. The individuals on this board are hands-on leadership volunteering at Jimmy Jack Foundation as well as serving on the boards of other non-profit organizations.

They are the guard rails of the Foundation organization making sure that the Jimmy Jack Foundation is on the right track heading in the right direction. This a very hard working Board and we are honored to have them with us! 

Foundation Board Members

President ~ Jimmy Jack Whitaker

Vice President ~ Todd Huckabay

Secretary ~ Deatra Hukabay

Treasurer ~ Charlene Bower

Board Member ~ Daryl Perry

Board Member ~ David Laurence

Board Member ~ Father Joe Mathy

Advisor ~ Doug Anderson

Advisor ~ Dola Gregory

Advisor ~ Bernie Martin

Advisor ~ Dennis Moffet

Advisor ~ Theresa Reynolds


Larry Dawson ~ Retired Music Teacher

Mary Goodwin Meeks ~ Bookkeeping

Danny O'Neal ~ Donations & Advertising Coordinator

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