"Food, shelter, and clothing are the staples of life. But for a child, learning music can change their future forever." ~ Jimmy Jack Whitaker

Our Kids all have a dream that we hope to help and fulfill as life progresses. These are just some kids who love music and their dreams.  Beautiful smiles!!

This is what it is all about - providing musical dreams for kids!!

LJ Wyatt Concert

Dr. Chuck Olson, Pastor, invited Jimmy Jack Whitaker to perform for his guitar students at Calvary Lutheran Church in Rockford Illinois. Dr. Olson gives them free lessons. Notice their age ranges from 7 to 80 and they come from different ethnic backgrounds. It was cool seeing some of the older ones helping the younger ones.

The Jimmy Jack Foundation will definitely be helping some of his students

Jaidyn receiving a Taylor Guitar with a hard-shell case

Cody, pictured with his mother DeeDee, received a guitar and amp 

Tonuia with her grandson Jeff and his new mandolin

Mia with her grandparents showing off her new flute

Donnie with his guitar and amp.  One cool dude!

Lilly …ready to play in the orchestra with her new violin

Amalia enjoying her donated Violin

Amalia, Melanie and Melinda with their new violins

Megan ready to play at church on her new keyboard.

Mylek receiving Guitar and Amplifier

"Sharing the gift and love of music through giving."

Jimmy Jack Whitaker is the founder, president and CEO of the Jimmy Jack Foundation, a fully-determined IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation eligible to receive tax deductible donations.

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