"Food, shelter, and clothing are the staples of life. But for a child, learning music can change their future forever." ~ Jimmy Jack Whitaker

Dr. Chuck Olson, Pastor, invited Jimmy Jack Whitaker to perform for his guitar students at Calvary Lutheran Church in Rockford Illinois. Dr. Olson gives them free lessons. Notice their age ranges from 7 to 80 and they come from different ethnic backgrounds. It was cool seeing some of the older ones helping the younger ones.

The Jimmy Jack Foundation will definitely be helping some of his students

Jaidyn LaBorde receiving a Taylor Guitar with a hard-shell case from the Jimmy Jack Foundation at the National CGMA Award Show in Branson, MO. Jaidyn is 14 years old and leads praise and worship in her church. She is a blessing to all who know her and listen to her sing and play. Pictured presenting are Vicki Sue Paxton (widow of Multi-Grammy Award Winner Gary S. Paxton), Jaidyn, Danny O'Neal (Donation and Advertising Coordinator for JJF), and Jimmy Jack Whitaker (founder of JJF)

Jimmy Jack Foundation recognizing Sydney Cook at the 87th Annual MO/Mid-south Gospel Singing Convention in Dexter, Missouri.

Sydney is a blessing everywhere she goes.

"I was 6 years old when I watched my father drive out of my life. My mother worked hard as a single parent to keep me and my brother and sister together for the next 8 years. We did not have much, but when I started the fourth grade, I wanted to learn to play the violin.

My mother always made sure I had both an instrument to play and private lessons. The sacrifices my mother made built my  musical foundation for the rest of my life.

For many years, I had no idea why I would give my own musical equipment to children who had no way of purchasing instruments without help. I understand now,  that I was simply trying to give back to less fortunate children.

I have surrounded himself with like-minded musicians and businessmen, and I am looking for people who want to partner with the 'Jimmy Jack Foundation' in helping a child reach his or her musical dreams."

Jimmy Jack Whitaker  

Mom, Cody, Dixie and Jimmy Jack

The Jimmy Jack Foundation was created to have a way to generate donations for kids that need help in reaching their Musical Dreams!

As an IRS 501 (c)(3) Organization, all Gifts received at the  Jimmy Jack Foundation are eligible as Tax Deductible Donations. These Donations are then applied towards musical instruments and lessons for those kids that are Underprivileged and At-risk. Your donations today, will help that child tomorrow!

Please ~ Help us help Kids today!

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